Did you hit the snooze button this morning? It could be trouble ahead...

Waking up in the morning used to be the worst thing for me. An inveterate night owl, I would wake up feeling groggy and miserable, somehow thinking that hitting the snooze 10 times would make it better. It didn't.

If you are a chronic snooze-hitter then you have a serious problem. We're not talking just about a comfort thing, we're talking about your waist size, your happiness, your career and your whole life.

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Green curry

Healthy Curry that you will love

If you're like us and our clients, then you probably love curry. How can you not like a dish that comes in as many colors as a Crayola box.

Maybe you've shunned curry because you're trying to lose weight, and embraced the bland chicken breast and veggies diet - a wise choice considering how oily and calorie dense most take out curries are.

But what if you could eat a curry that was both delicious and healthy? Hmm, made exactly how you love it while staying within your budget and nutritional goals. Let's find out exactly how we can do that!

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Can stretching make your gut smaller?

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Explanation and Guide

We all know, a lean, strong stomach is a sign of being in terrific shape. But how do you get a lean stomach? Is it just a matter of losing fat?

The surprising answer is: no, it's not just about your bodyfat.

I’ve seen many clients who had the same level of body fat, yet one had a big gut and the other didn’t.

I’ve also even seen skinny clients who had a protruding gut.

The Questions we'll be exploring:

  • What else can make your gut bigger other than bodyfat?
  • Can you legitimately change the size of your gut without losing bodyfat? How?
  • Who can reduce their gut size the most?
  • How fast can you make it smaller?
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The very first thing to do when you want to lose weight

Fat Loss Troubleshoot

For years I’ve struggled with my exercise and diet, beating my head against the wall and frustrated at the lack of results I was getting.

After years of study and practice, I uncovered the brick sitting on the brakes of my results. Go through the list below and see if any of these ring a bell.

  • I’m too tired to exercise
  • I’ll start my diet officially next week
  • Not today, I had a bad day at work
  • I'll exercise after this
  • I just need to unwind first

Do you find yourself having such thoughts?

Are you putting off exercise and diet?

If so, you're in the same situation I was stuck in for years. Let me share with you how I finally beat this and became lean.

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How to Eliminate 5pm Exhaustion

How to eliminate work exhaustion

Here's a scenario that plays out in many people's lives with devastating effects.

  • We come home from work feeling tired and stressed
  • This leads us to eat and drink too much, and spend too much time on the computer
  • We go to bed late, wake up feeling groggy - downhill cycle continues
  • At the end of the day, we are even more stressed, overweight and dissatisfied
Wouldn't it be better to
  • Feel energized and happy after work
  • Enjoy eating healthy food and not crave bad food
  • Get recharged and feel great about yourself

There is a way.

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How to Succeed at Anything

The Winning Edge in Life

"You're in the bottom 5%" said my guidance counselor.

At first, my 17 year old mind didn't understand. Did she mean top 5%? Was the bottom 5% somehow good because so few people belonged in it? My mind was working hard trying to put this statement in a good light.

"You have a 1.6 GPA, which means 95% of students are doing better than you" she explained.

Ah okay, so it is a bad thing.

My failures didn't end with high school. I struggled immensely to be successful at anything. I was fat, helpless, and my life was out of control.

So how is it that now, 9 years later I'm in the driver's seat, enjoying a great life in the top 3% of my field? Did I improve by 2000% in 9 years? Am I 20 times smarter than before?

Absolutely not! What gives?

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