“How do you become more productive?”

Richard Branson leaned back and thought for a second. The tropical sounds of his private oasis, Necker Island, murmured in the background. Twenty people sat around him at rapt attention, wondering what a billionaire’s answer would be to one of the big questions—perhaps the biggest question—of business. The group had been assembled by marketing impresario Joe Polish to brainstorm growth options for Richard’s philanthropic Virgin Unite. It was one of his many new ambitious projects. Virgin Group already had more than 300 companies, more than 50,000 employees, and $25 billion per year in revenue. In other words, Branson had personally built an empire larger than the GDP of some developing countries. Then he broke the silence: “Work out.”

He was serious and elaborated: working out gave him at least four additional hours of productive time every day.

The Four Hour Body

How to Improve Concentration with CIT (And get everything you ever wanted)

Improve Concentration

The giants of the race have been men and women of concentration, who have struck sledge-hammer blows in one place until they have accomplished their purpose. The successful men and women of today are of one overmastering idea, one unwavering aim, men of single and intense purpose. — Orison Swett Marden

For most of my life, I struggled with concentration. Somehow no matter how hard I tried I got distracted. Getting my dream body, my dream life, and my dream career seemed impossible.

Then I discovered why I had such a hard time concentrating. Each time I would concentrate on something, I would get impulses and distractions that would shift my attention to something else and make me fail. See if you can identify with any of these things:

  • I wanted to be lean — and eat fast food and be sedentary
  • I wanted to be successful — and play video games all day
  • I wanted to be great at guitar—and not practice a lot

It's completely normal for us to have opposite impulses, everyone does. The problem I had was I couldn't choose which impulse to respond to. I was constantly being thrown back and forth between opposing drives and not being able to concentrate at anything.

Has this been happening to you?

  • Do you find yourself starting to study and somehow end up on facebook?
  • Do you start working on a project only to forget about it shortly after?
  • Do you eat really clean for a few days and then undo all your efforts?
  • Do you exercise for a few days then decide to skip the gym because you don't feel like it?
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The Reboot System: The Road to Rapid Success

how to get back on track
Maybe it'll be implemented in life 2.0

Many people throw away success, their dream bodies, and health down the toilet because life gets hard and they give up.

You don't throw away your laptop after it crashes once, do you? So why throw away other things in your life after one or two small setbacks? Success is waiting for you, all you have to do is keep moving towards it.

All successful people go through the same life difficulties as you and me. The mark of the highly successful is that they follow the strategies in this guide to reboot and succeed in the end.

The Benefits of the Reboot System

  • Achieve things you never thought possible
  • Get anything you set your mind onto
  • Be unstoppable
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Awesome Chocolate Protein Cheesecake (20 min, 100g protein, 0 guilt)

A big problem with diet is the lack of indulgent foods. By definition, dieting means restricting calories and with calorie restriction comes restricting a lot of your favorite foods. Diet foods aren't usually described as sugary, creamy, or delicious.

No-Bake healthy chocolate cheesecake recipe high protein

It doesn't have to be that way! Behold, a delicious cheesecake, high in protein, made from natural, wholesome ingredients and perfectly fit for your diet.

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The Guide to Instant Habit Change & Unlocking Greatness

  • Are you achieving your goals?
  • Are you getting what you want?
  • Do you start strong, and fizzle out?

If you aren't reaching your potential then you might be a victim of your habits. Luckily, habit change has been exhaustively studied and the methods to success discovered.

Keep reading to learn how to make habits work for you, and how to turn failure habits into success ones. All it takes is small changes before you start seeing amazing results.

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How Audiobooks Changed My Life

Something very strange has been happening for the last 4 months. Every aspect of my life took a huge upturn and the train shows no sign of slowing down. I didn’t believe it until I looked at some objective metrics. Take a look:

In the next 3 months:

  • I dropped 2 inches off my waist
  • Lost 8lbs
  • Practiced 350 hours of flamenco guitar
  • Broke every record in our program.
How did I do it?
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f.lux App Review: Why this is a must have app!

There’s one app that is the first I install on any computer I use, and every person I’ve recommended to has raved about it.

The power of F.lux at night

That app is f.lux: a simple yet extremely powerful, free app that will transform your life.

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