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Finding Your Favorite Recipes

Let's now look at what your favorite meals and foods are.

You'll go through all of our main recipes and pick which ones you want to be incorporated into your meal plan.

This way we only create a meal plan around the foods that YOU like best.

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Breakfast meals: Click "Add" to pick the meals you want to have for Breakfast
Omelette Breakfast
Zeldas tampa roasted turkey sandwich
Turkey Breakfast Sandwich
20160105 homemade egg mcmuffing recipe kenji 21 thumb 1500xauto 429275
Egg McMuffin

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Lunch meals: Click "Add" to pick the meals you want to have for Lunch
Zeldas tampa roasted turkey sandwich
Turkey Sandwich
Fnm 010114 chicken with warm potato salad recipe s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape
Potato Salad (w/ Chicken Breast)
Fries 2
Chicken, Fries, and Coleslaw
Roast beef arugula and shaved parmesan on a baguette
Roast Beef Sandwich
Vietnamesenoodlebowljuly14.square imp 1024x1024
Noodle Bowl

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Dinner meals: Click "Add" to pick the meals you want to have for Dinner
Cheese Pizza
Rice Bowl
Fries 2
Chicken, Coleslaw, and Fries
Everything Pizza
Vegetable fajita tostada bowls iowagirleats 07
Nacho Salad
Beef shawarma plate
Shawarma Plate
1d274907356980 gremolata pasta 636
Creamy Chicken Pasta
L1150124 588x440
Vacation 91
Steak and Mash
Dsc 4688 l

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Snacks meals: Click "Add" to pick the meals you want to have for Snacks
2874 green pea guacamole 0
Guacamole Crudite
Hummus620 10
Hummus Crudite
Ghiradelli 20dark 20chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Southernbitefruitsalad 2
Fruit Snack
Blue corn tortilla chips istock
Lowfat Corn Chips

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Your Meal Style

Let's talk a bit about your eating style.

Some people like to eat the same thing everyday, while others want A LOT of variety.

Now you'll be getting 4 different meal plans. So that you have variety.

But how much variety do you want within each week?

Just keep in mind that the more variety = more cooking = more different ingredient shopping.

Pick your preferences and we'll build your meal plan around it.

Activity Level

Now we'll evaluate your activity level.

This is very important to determine how much calories you need to get results WHILE feeling great.

This includes anytime you aren't sitting and you're moving around.

For example: running, swimming, biking...

For example: lifting or high intensity workouts.

Other Activity Level
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