Awesome chair mod

The other day a client complained to me how having to sit so many hours in a chair for his work caused him hip tightness. Something I've experienced reguarly to the point that my hips will start popping like crazy when I stretch them if I let them go bad enough. So in the middle of that discussion I realized my chair has these arm rests that severely restrict how far you can open your legs - which actually is your hip (pictured below).

Look at that horse hip angle

Tight hips

So right after I got a screw driver and removed the dreaded arm rests. It's been day 2 and the change is a huge improvement. I have a lot more room to stretch and I'm already noticing the benefits with my hips.

Chair pre/post amputation

Before After

To give you an idea of how much a difference it makes look at how restricting those arm rests were.


More flexibility

I don't actually sit like this fyi

Coincidentally another client shortly after told me he had done the same thing to his chair. What have you done to make work/sitting more tolerable?

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