I ate chocolate cake for lunch everyday and this happened

  • I'm half way through chocolate cake, whipped cream and tea.
  • A few hours ago I had chocolate for a snack!
  • And I realized how crazy this is...

This might seem like a cheat meal or a 'bad diet day'.

No one is perfect, right?

But no...

I eat like this everyday

In fact, this has been my morning snack and lunch everyday for a year now.

You must wonder...

Mike, how fat did you get on this regiment?

Well, I had to weigh myself to check the damage and the result...


Now, mind you I'm 6'3. My waist is down to about 32-33"

About 6 months ago I was at about 198lbs.

So I've lost 15lbs in 6 months, while getting fitter and stronger.

And my flat (yet flabby stomach) has slowly turned into Abs...

Not bad for the cake, chocolate and tea diet.

Now, I'm not posting this to boast about some extreme transformation (which this is not) or to tell you how cool I am (because that's obviously a given).

I'm sharing this with you because...

We've been focusing on the wrong thing

(No, this is not about fitness or even diet)

You hear this all the time:
  • "Abs happen in the kitchen"
  • "You can't out run a bad diet"
  • "You have to eat clean to lose fat"

All these cliches miss the point completely...

Let's back up a bit and answer this question...

Why do we eat?

If we go with a nutrition based approach, then the answer is:

The big myth:

"We eat to get sufficient calories and nutrients needed to survive"

Yet, how many millions of people get more than sufficient calories and keep eating?

They are eating so much food that they are literally dying because of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Today, what drives our eating habits is: Emotions.

Isn't it true that...

  • We eat to be happy.
  • We eat to de-stress.
  • We eat to get rid of sadness.
  • We eat to be energetic.
  • We eat for entertainment.
  • We eat out of boredom.

Ultimately, we eat for pleasure.

It has nothing to do with nutrition.

Your eating behavior is totally psychological.

Here's how I hacked my diet and lost fat

The most reliable way to reduce your bodyfat and improve body composition

Forget nutrition science.

You don't even want to know how many obese nutritionists there are...

Stop counting calories, protein or following any diet systems.

Instead focus on this ONE thing:

Happiness per Calorie

This is the secret to eating like a fit person

That's all.

What the obese nutritionist would have you do

The standard nutrition based approach tells you must eat clean, nutritious food to lose fat...

  • Which means eating 'nutritious' or 'diet' foods.
  • Food that is bland and tasteless.
  • Use sugar substitutes and low fat foods.
Basically, the experience of eating nutritious food 90% of the time looks like this:

Meal time?

  • Great!
  • Just force 500 calories of 'nutritious' yet totally unsatisfying food down your throat.
That meal was super "healthy" but totally unfulfilling.
  • You're still craving something.
  • You don't feel better.
  • See how fun this is!

I'll share why this is a disaster in the making in just a second, but first...

What about my daily chocolate cake lunch?

It's home made chocolate cake, whipped cream and frozen fruit.

It's also about 500 calories.

Is cake fulfilling?

  • Well, let me tell you. I love cake.
  • When I eat cake I remember all the parties and good times I've had.
  • It makes me really happy.

  • I feel really energetic and motivated afterwards.

  • I stay full for 4 or 5 hours.

I get all the happiness, energy, and focus I need so I can get back to living my life fully.

Why this approach just works

I've learned from over 12 years of studying eating habits and nutrition science, as well from training thousands of clients that 99% of the time:

The person who eats oatmeal and bland diet food ends up chronically cheating on their diet.**

They constantly need cheat meal and extra snacks to be happy.

While they aim to eat only 2000 calories of healthy food, they end up eating 3000 calories because they constantly need to add 1000 calories of cheats/snacks (to make up for the happiness deficit).

Just skip that all together!

  • I eat 1200 calories of healthy food
  • and 800 calories of foods that I love that make me happy.

  • I never force myself to eat 'healthy food'

  • If I want cake, I have cake.

  • I savor it, I enjoy it, I maximize it.

Do I feel guilty?


That would destroy the whole point of a Happy Food.

This is also why I don't call it something counterproductive like "Cheat Foods".

If I felt guilty after eating cake, then I would get negative happiness points and I would ultimately eat more and get fatter.

The 3 Rules

Rule #1

You need a foundation of real food.

Real food is not "diet" food or "healthy food".

This is just basic food.
  • Meat.
  • Potatoes.
  • Vegetables.
  • Bread.
  • Rice.
  • Fruits.

This is the food that will satisfy your physical needs.

This is where you'll get most of your calories and nutrients.

Basic food should be enjoyable, but it doesn't have to constantly be out of this world because that's what your Happiness Meals are for.

It's the foundation that allows this strategy to truly shine

Rule #2

A Happiness Meal has to be homemade from natural ingredients.

This is critical because a big part why this works is that I create everything from scratch.

You can't use store food cheats or junk food for this method.

It doesn't work.

Why store bought snacks/meals/junk cause instant failure?

Very simple...

Junk food and processed foods have literally be engineered to cause over-eating.

Companies spend millions of dollars researching...

how to get you to eat more of their products (processed foods)


to eat their products MORE regularly.

It's just basic economics:
  1. The more AKME Inc Food you eat...
  2. The more money AKME Inc makes...

If Pringles can figure out a way to get you to eat 10% more per sitting, then they make 10% more money.

Why else do you think their slogan is...

"Once you pop, you can't stop"

There's been hundreds of articles written about how food companies use Food Science to get you to eat more.

The Simplest Happy Food Recipe

The simplest approach you can use is with fruit and whipped cream.

  • Organic heavy cream
  • A bit sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • A sprinkle of salt.

Serve that with frozen or fresh fruit.

Rule #3

You can't be distracted when you eat your happy food

This is ultimately a ritual. You have to infuse love and wholeness into the whole process.

If you treat it like a 50 cent gas station brownie, then you're going to get 50 cent gas station results.

This ritual has to take the gravity of an ancient Japanese tea ceremony.

This is how you hack your brain.

With this ritual you tell your brain:

  • Look!
  • You are eating amazing food!
  • This is what you want!
  • Feel happy!
  • Be full!

It doesn't work if you eat your Happiness Food while you are on the computer or watching television.

You will shoot yourself in the foot if...

you eat Happiness Food while distracted


  • 90% of the benefits are psychological. — If you don't pay attention to it, you will get almost no benefit.
  • Happy foods aren't very bulky, they aren't naturally filling foods. — If you don't pay attention, you will still feel hungry and you will want to eat more.

What to do now?

I know this is a lot of information to process in just one post...

Especially when this approach is totally different than what you hear from all the fitness and diet gurus.

Frankly, for a long time I was afraid to share these kinds of hacks because I thought they were too advanced.

I'm finally breaking the silence and will share with you all the tools and frameworks that got me results. Regardless of the consequences.

If you want to take it to the next level then...

You need to asses your situation, figure out your goals and create an action plan to transform your body.

But, Mike, how do I get started with something like that?

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I will help you identify your exact goals, obstacles and give you ideas on how you can break through.

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I hope you enjoyed my write-up.

These hacks have totally revolutionized my life and I hope you can put them to work in yours. If you want more, check this one out...

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