Losing Fat, A Strategy Game — NOT A Shooter

I don't regularly play video games anymore (although I still indulge in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on the iPad a few times a week.)

Lately though my interest got re-ignited in City Builder/Economic games. I remember spending hours and hours playing games like Sim City, Pharaoh, and Caesar when I was a kid. But I had totally forgotten about them as I got older.

Then I saw some "Let's Play Videos" (like this one below) and I remembered what it was all about.

What I like most about these games is the idea that...

  • IF you balance & strategize correctly,
  • THEN you can achieve incredible things.
In that video, at the end of that game you have this spectacular pyramid...

But it all starts with a bunch of rickety shacks...

And if you watch the progression from Rickety Shacks -> Spectacular Pyramid, you notice that at no point something spectacular or magical happened. It was all a consistent transformation, step by step. So by combining a lot of small, consistent steps (that seem unimpressive) you create something spectacular.

Which is a core concept I've always taught my clients "Consistency before Intensity". The metaphor I would use is mountain climbing, always seek to secure your footing before going to the next level.

What does this mean in practical terms...

  • Get consistent with 20 minute workouts before attempting 40 minute workouts.
  • Get consistent with 1 healthy meal per day before jumping to 3.
  • Get consistent with sleeping at a fixed (albeit late bed time) before trying to sleep early.
The other "secret" of consistent & intelligent effort is the power of synergy or compounding.

Synergy and compounding aren't really intuitive to our brains.

Here is an example about compounding/exponential growth from Peter Diamandis founder of the X-prize (they gives prizes to people supporting space innovation):

To give a visualization of this, if I were to take 30 linear steps, it would be one, two, three, four, five. After 30 linear steps I’d end up 30 paces or 30 meters away and all of us could pretty much point to where 30 paces away would be. But if I said to you take 30 exponential steps, one, two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two and said where would you end up? Very few people would say a billion meters away, which is twenty-six times around the planet.

So often we get in trouble when we think too much in a "linear mode".

A person might think "this gut is really big" which means it can only be fixed with something "really big". Or replace "really big" with really hard or intense.

So that person might go on a massive crash diet or do super intense exercise. When in reality, if they did a bunch of small, smart things in parallel that synergized together. They can create an incredible transformation.

Our brain and our thinking can really trap us sometimes. Our thinking is inherently biased towards immediate & linear thinking.

For example, this man in India carved through a 300-foot mountain to help support his village:

That's an example of what can be accomplished when you break your goal down into small pieces and spread it out over time.

What is your mountain?

I know it's not a literal 300 foot solid mountain. But imagine approaching that goal like a video game.

A video game with 10 different levels and that will take you 3 months to beat.

Which means all you need to do is finish 1 level, every 10 days.

What would level 1 be about? Those small, and easy changes that you make. It's more like a tutorial than a challenge. You're getting your bearing and slowly taking more control.

Then level 2, you got some new challenges. You learn the skills, you practice and beat that level...

And on and on, until you finally beat all 10 levels and the whole game.

Becoming strong or healthy or energetic or lean or whatever your goal is, ultimately, is no harder than any video game.

%b Most people fail at it for the same reason people who are bad at video games fail at them.

They stand on the sideline and watch. They hesitate and doubt themselves.

Maybe they even think "Oh, I don't know how to play video games"

They would do incredible if only they just jump, grab that controller and just play the damn game. Of course they will face challenges and struggles. Of course they will be confused and lost sometimes.

But that's what ultimately the game is about.

You just hit "Resurrect/Restart/Reboot/Load Saved Checkpoint" whatever, and go back in.

Then this person that apparently was so "bad at video games" can be great at them while having a great time.

Now I wasn't just talking about video games there.

If you are intrigued about this idea...

The concept of being intelligent and strategic with your physical transformation.

Then don't wait on the sidelines anymore.

Don't be like the guy who emailed me 5 years later asking to reschedule their free session (a promo that was long expired).

Because honestly, life rushes past us like a river and we spend most of our time just trying to keep our head above water. Focusing on the immediate survival and stress.

From... "Oh no! I forgot about that... I need to do that now!"

To... "Argh! I just need a break/unwind/escape"

And it's only a few times that we become aware to the bigger picture when we CAN actually be intelligent and strategic.

Where we can start to take control and set things up the way we want.

And in those moments, it's EXTREMELY critical to commit to something.

Take some action.

Do something that will alter your future.

If you find yourself in that moment, where you are clear you want the next level and want to do something right now about it then...

Scroll down and click below and you'll go through a WHOLE process that will help you clarify exactly WHAT your goal is and WHY you want it.

It's time to start getting smart and strategic about all this!


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