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Why you shouldn't go to the gym (what to do instead)

As a former gym junkie, it's hard for me to admit this: But the gym is a waste of space, time and money.

Don't worry a treadmill will open up in the next 30 minutes.

Why would a fitness blog make such a blasphemous statement? Because the gym, for most, is simply not working. The gym has become just another distraction that prevents a lot of...

How do I get 6 pack Abs? Like this!

Abs are glorious, the ultimate sign of being in shape and without a doubt the most sought after look. Unfortunately, the chances of you getting them are as high as getting hit by lightning.

how to lose fat and get 6 pack abs
One of our latest client success. His friends are convinced he took steroids.

Unless… you actually start doing these 4 simple things that will get you...

Why do your workouts suck?

It is a truism that for most people, working out is not a pleasant experience. Beyond boredom, there is often the nagging sense that effort is being expended for no purpose. Most people have mediocore, bordering on bad, workouts. I'm not just talking about their routines, I mean the actual workouts are bad. People struggle through them,...

12 Ways to Greatness

Just cut it out - it’s not working. You’ve tried over a hundred or thousand times, only to be met with failure, relapse and plateaus. You’ve always had an answer for it: Try more! Keep digging, eventually you’ll come out the other side.

shortcuts to fatloss, muscle gain and better lifestyle

The reality is that you do too much of the wrong thing and too little of the right thing. Your whole...

Some resources on the deadlift

Came across this Eric Cressey video on how to deadlift. The password for that video is 'deadlift'

Improving the Deadlift

Here's also a good article on the subject. This one is from elitefts.

One of the biggest things I see lifters doing wrong when deadlifting is starting in a bad position. This goes for both the sumo and...

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