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I ate chocolate cake for lunch everyday and this happened

  • I'm half way through chocolate cake, whipped cream and tea.
  • A few hours ago I had chocolate for a snack!
  • And I realized how crazy this is...

This might seem like a cheat meal or a 'bad diet day'.

No one is perfect, right?

But no...

I eat like this everyday

In fact, this has been my morning snack and lunch everyday for a year now.


Trick your brain into giving you Abs: the story of the Evil Shrimp

Brain trick to losing fat

Yesterday I was asked if deep fried shrimp fits a healthy diet. After looking up the nutrition facts of fried shrimp, I found that it has 1000% more calories than baked shrimp.

This means that if you deep fried 100 calories of shrimp you would add 900 calories to it - or the equivalent of a quarter pound of body fat. Wow.

I followed by...

Lazy and Lean: Method and Tricks

The Joffrey Diet, Rapid weight loss

Losing body fat and getting lean is a struggle for most people, especially in the area of controlling their diet.

Eating correctly to lose body fat is hard for two reasons:
  • Tasty food is not always healthy and healthy food is not always tasty
  • Healthy recipes often call for making things from scratch - which takes a lot of time and effort for...

How to Like Vegetables with 3 easy strategies

Have you ever wondered Why do I hate vegetables so much? Why is it that I didn't inherit the broccoli-loving gene? Am I destined to be fat forever because the lunch-lady ruined me from ever getting within a hundred yards of a broccoli floret again?

Well you're not alone. A lot of people don't like vegetables, and who can blame them?...

How and when to snack: tasty ideas for a trimmer waistline

There are a lot of problems with typical snacking. People often grab a packet of chips or a tray of cookies and go to town. This somehow counts less than a meal because it's got a cute name. Even on a so-called clean diet, run masquerades as healthy snacks: lowfat crackers and cookies, cereal and granola bars, and even nuts may lead you...

Why you're still fat: top 5 dieting mistakes

You've tried to clean up your diet countless times before, yet each time ended up disappointed with the ratio of results to effort. Why? You probably committed one of these 5 cardinal sins of good nutrition.

Top 5 dieting mistakes and common pitfalls; quick solutions
Unless this is you.

The truth is, you can eat an awesome diet, feel full, have tons of energy and still lose ~1% of your BW per...

Top 5 most successful foods that got us results!

Eating healthy is hard. You're bombarded by ads all the time to eat the latest fudgeMcbacon-ator, then your friends and co-workers try to cram it down your throat, and worst of all you're not even sure what the healthy alternatives are.

Foods for more energy, muscle gain, fat loss and feeling great

If only SwolePT did a quick write up on their top 5 foods that have worked amazingly. Well, ahm......

How to eat out while sticking to your diet!

If you are trying to improve your diet and lifestyle, you probably already know that eating home-cooked food is a big step in the right direction. You probably also know it can be time-consuming and difficult, even when you know and love cooking. As much as we like to admit we have a perfect diet; we don’t. There are times when you’re going to...

The Perfect Whey Protein Shake

Perfect and whey protein shake in the same sentence? Yes. It takes the right kind of powder, ingredients and technique but you can make a healthy, balanced and delicious protein shake. I'll also talk about how and when should you consume this delicious beverage since there are no free protein shakes in life.

Pure Powder

There are all kinds...

Why modern foods are making you fat

This morning I woke up to find this article in my google reader. It's written by Stephan Guyenet, a neurobiologist who runs the blog Whole Health Source. I highly recommend reading his blog as he offers a unique perspective which combines brain science and nutrition. His articles are extremely well cited and sound.

From the article:


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