Best Chocolate Protein Pancakes

You love desserts but hate being fat - I get that. But who said you have to choose?

Best Protein Pancake for muscle gain and fat loss

One of my old vices is pancakes, the fluffy and delicious kind. Unfortunately with regular pancakes you are getting some kind of industrial mix of bleached white flour and bleached white sugar - no thanks. So we've come up with an awesome recipe that is delicious, made out of wholesome foods and packs over 100g of protein!

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Pancakes from scratch are really easy to make. All you need is some dry ingredients for your mix, here we are using oat meal, oat bran, and protein powder. Mix that with some wet stuff: eggs, butter and milk. Apply heat to that batter and voila pancake done. Lets go through each step now.

Dry Ingredients

  • Oats 40g - 150 calories
  • Oat Bran 30g - 80 calories
  • Protein Powder - 50g (2 scoops) - 190 calories

Best Protein Pancake with oatmeal, oatbran, whey protein powder isolate

We used "Java mocha whey protein isolate" from TrueNutrition - coupon discount code "THESWOLE" gets you 5% off

Wet Ingredients

  • Butter 15g - 100 calories
  • 2% Milk 200g - 100 calories - Lactose free if you are lactose intolerant like me
  • 2 Whole Eggs - 140 calories
  • 1 tsp vanilla - 0 calories


  • 70% Dark Chocolate 15g - 100 calories (Optional)
  • 1 Banana - 100 calories
  • Strawberries - 20 calories
  • Greek Yogurt - 150 calories

Awesome protein pancake with greek yogurt, strawberries, chocolate, banana and protein powder

Nutrition Facts For Half Serving

Low calorie nutritious protein pancake healthy

566 calories, and almost a perfect balance of 32% Protein, 34% Carb, 35% Fat. Note that this is for half a pancake, so don't eat the whole thing in one sitting, you glutton!

Making the batter

Start by weighing out all the dry ingredients and add them to your blender (or immersion blender). Don't start blending yet since you have to add the wet ingredients first.

Butter and protein pancake

Add the butter and a bit of the milk to the mixture and start blending at a low setting. As things get blended together add the remaining milk and eggs. The reason we don't just add everything at once is because we want the butter to get incorporated a bit more with the dry stuff. Keep blending until everything is pretty well incorporated. You aren't making a shake so don't go all Will It Blend on this thing.

Cook it up

Once you have the dry and wet ingredients blended together, heat up your pan and coat the pan with a bit of butter or non-stick spray. Once the butter starts sizzling a bit, throw in the batter, and turn the heat down to medium. Add the chocolate, bananas, and a bit of cinnamon for extra kick.

Delicious and healthy protein pancake for muscle gain and fatloss

The Next Step: Choose your adventure

If you have a non-oven safe pan - like a non-stick pan or anything with a plastic handle - then you just want to cover the whole thing up and let it cook for around 5 min on low heat. Check on it, and keep cooking until the batter is barely set. The reason you want to cover it is so the heat gets trapped and cooks the top of it too. Otherwise the bottom will get burnt while the top is still wet.

If you are awesome and have an oven safe pan like a cast iron, carbon steel, etc. Then turn the oven on high broil and let it warm up. At the same time let the pancake cook a bit until the sides start to get a bit done. When that happens, the center will still be kinda wet but just throw it in the oven on the top rack while it's on high broil. This is going to give you that awesome crust while still keeping the inside moist. It's really important to watch the pancake closely and move it if your broiler heats unevenly at all. Otherwise one side will get burnt. Once it turns a golden color, take it out.

Dressing it up

Protein pancake with greek yogurt, strawberries

Drop that sugary syrup and get some real toppings. Fruit, nuts, yogurt, all work great. For this recipe we went with greek yogurt, strawberries and garnished with some coconut shavings.

Wrapping it up

I wouldn't recommend having this everyday since even though it's pretty balanced calorie wise it's not the most nutritious thing you can eat. As for satiety, it's pretty good for a pancake but kinda average in general. I'd have this more as a treat, like a post-workout or refeed meal. Or if your cravings kicked into high gear, you can have this and you're still on track.

Delicious protein pancake

Hope you enjoyed today's recipe, let me know how yours turns out.

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