Did you hit the snooze button this morning? It could be trouble ahead...

Waking up in the morning used to be the worst thing for me. An inveterate night owl, I would wake up feeling groggy and miserable, somehow thinking that hitting the snooze 10 times would make it better. It didn't.

If you are a chronic snooze-hitter then you have a serious problem. We're not talking just about a comfort thing, we're talking about your waist size, your happiness, your career and your whole life.

Here are some facts about sleep

  • Sleeping badly makes you hungrier and causes you to eat more - imagine what's that doing to your waist
  • Staying awake for 18 hours is just as impairing as having 3 shots of j├Ąger
  • A study on mice showed sleep disruption slowing metabolism, increasing impulsivity and basically making them fat
  • Study participants who had their sleep restricted couldn't continue the experiment since their blood sugar got into in the Pre-Diabetic range after a few days

The bottom line is, sleeping poorly is just about the worst thing you can do for your brain and your body. It impacts your energy level, mental focus, motivation, appetite, and overall health.

What's even worse, is that for most of us, poor sleep is the norm. We have to actively work hard to maintain our good sleep habits. While our bad sleeping habits seem to come automatically.

The benefits of good sleep

Imagine if you could wake up early, refreshed and energetic. How much time would you save by not snoozing for 30mins in bed? What if you could be awake and ready to go within 5 minutes of getting out of bed?

Wow, that could mean having an extra 1 to 2 hours of free time in your day!

  • What about having more energy?
  • More motivation?
  • More focus?
  • A healthier appetite?

You could transform your life just by sleeping better.

But I don't know how...

I'm sure you've recognized the importance of sleep in the past and even tried to do something about it. You might have found it difficult to change your habits and go to sleep earlier. This is completely normal.

Here are 3 steps to never snooze again and have awesome sleep.

3 Steps for Super Sleep

I) Your Wake Up and Sleep Time
  • To get your wake up time: What time do you need to wake up?
  • Now, take your wake up time and subtract 8 hours, that's your optimal Bed Time.
  • Write both down.
II) Set your Electronics Cut-Off

Next, you need an electronics cut-off time. This is the time when you turn off or set aside your computer, TV, smartphone, etc. I recommend you start with 30 to 60 minutes before bed.

  • When is your electronic cut-off time going to be? Write it down on a sticky note.
  • The next step is to set this time in stone by setting an alarm on your phone for the Electronics Cut-Off time
III) Keep at it!

Get started with this simple sleep routine today and keep at it. Every time you get back on your horse, you will strengthen the habit, and after about 21 days it will fully lock-in.

I have a few more tips for better sleep that I'll share in the comments below.

Mike Kabbani

In the last 12 years I've helped thousands get their dream body and live life to the fullest. Come join the revolution.