"Have you ever thought about un-fattening yourself?"

This is a guest post by a friend and client of mine. Keisari's story so inspired me that I wanted to share it with you all.
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A little over a year ago, January 2012, I remember chatting with a friend of mine about how I've gained a lot of weight during the past 3 years. Back then I thought I was leading a relatively happy life, working hard for school and having fun with my friends and so on. I was just a little overweight, right?

Then my friend typed those words into the chatbox, which I still remember quite vividly.

First I shrugged it off with a "Heh, why the hell would I?", because I thought I was doing just fine, and I wasn't even that fat. But after a while of denial, it hit me in the face.

That moment I realized that what I had become was a fat, disgusting, possibly depressed, lonely and sad sack of shit. I knew I wanted to change myself. I wanted to be considered good-looking, but it seemed an impossible task. I had tried it before, and I managed to lose about 5 kilos after I dieted and fought hard for it.

I searched for information about training and weight loss, but I had so much fat to lose and it seemed so damn complicated that I almost fell into despair. It was all so far away.

Then one night I was browsing SA and saw SwolePT's ad banner, and it took me to Mike's thread. I was reading the testimonials for a while and was intrigued. I was a bit skeptical at first, as you should be any time money is involved. But seeing all the good feedback from goons rolling in, I went for a free session.

The free session cleared most of my doubts. Mike was very professional and seemed very knowledgeable with his stuff. After a while of thinking and careful consideration, I decided to go for it.

I've never before had a competent PT. I guess I'll be in for a ride.

Never in my life has giving a stack of money to a stranger on the internet ended so well.

During my first 10-week program, Mike helped me kick down destructive habits, like drinking liters of cola every day. I had followed the cola regimen for 7 years and thought it impossible to quit. Mike made a gym program for me that I still use as the main base for my training, I gained a lot of muscle and lost weight. I was very impressed. My gradual creeping weight-gain had been stopped, I had lost 5 kilos, I was hella stronger and Mike had restored my faith in myself. I could do this.

After the program ended and summer started, I had a little hiccup and gained two kilos back, and I was a little bummed about it. I "rebooted" and started doing serious work to lose weight again, but it was hard and I was barely making progress on my own. Then I decided to give Mike a call again and signed up for a 6-week intensive program.

A Second Wind

When I told Mike what had transpired during the summer, about my new plateau and minor setback, he very quickly spotted all the mistakes I'd made, and showed me how to correct them. After the first session, I immediately lost a kilo, and the trend continued downwards. I jokingly thought Mike must be tampering with the occult or something, the change was that drastic. I couldn't afford to be on a continuous program with Mike, so after the program, which was a wild success, I continued to train and live according to the principles Mike had taught me. It turns out that enough lessons had stuck, even in the short span of 6 weeks, for me to accomplish this:

Amazing fat loss muscle gain transformation

I've lost 20 kilos total with Mike's help. While in theory I could've eventually achieved this on my own, hiring Mike's professional help saved me a world of effort, failures, frustration. Most importantly, it got me to my goal many, many times faster than I could've on my own.

Here's my weight graph from the start
Fat loss weight tracker chart
And here's my happiness graph, I guarantee it's a 100% different chart.
Fitness and health biometric tracker

Last January, I was alive, but just now I feel like I'm truly living. This program changed and is still changing my life for the better. If you ask me if I'd rather take this feeling and the looks I have now, or the money I gave Mike, I'd choose this. Every single time.

Mike Kabbani

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