How to Eliminate 5pm Exhaustion

How to eliminate work exhaustion

Here's a scenario that plays out in many people's lives with devastating effects.

  • We come home from work feeling tired and stressed
  • This leads us to eat and drink too much, and spend too much time on the computer
  • We go to bed late, wake up feeling groggy - downhill cycle continues
  • At the end of the day, we are even more stressed, overweight and dissatisfied
Wouldn't it be better to
  • Feel energized and happy after work
  • Enjoy eating healthy food and not crave bad food
  • Get recharged and feel great about yourself

There is a way.

The Science of 5pm Exhaustion

Our brain evolved to fixate on the bad in life. This is why after a long and stressful day, your brain might get stuck in a negative loop - repeating the events over and over again. This often makes you you feel stressed, tired and wanting to escape.

Usually we try to just ignore this by playing video games, eating junk food, or engaging in other distractions.

Unfortunately, this doesn't stop the problem. Our brains keep running the negative tapes in the background, and to make things worse we add more fuel to the fire by engaging in destructive activities.

Is it a wonder that we keep feeling exhausted, helpless and desperate? There's a better way that has worked for me.

Your Second Morning

Coming home from work shouldn't signal the end of your day. You've spent all day working, you deserve the enjoyment and relaxation that comes from doing positive activities. Imagine how much better your life would be if you could get motivated again and get rid of those negative cravings.

Stress Recovery Routine

With this routine you'll get back on track, eliminate unhealthy cravings, and feel ready for action. It can help you lose fat, be healthy and fit, and achieve almost any other life goal you have for yourself.

Start today and do this daily, right after coming home from work.

  • As soon as you step in the door, resist the urge to turn on the television/computer and eat or drink anything unhealthy.
  • Instead, grab an uplifting audiobook and set a timer for 9, 19 or 29 minutes - depending on what feels comfortable
  • Lay down in bed, close your eyes and focus intently on the audiobook
  • When your thoughts wander: simply focus back on the words being spoken
  • When the alarm goes off you might notice that you drifted into a power-nap or stayed awake. Either is fine.
  • After you've done this routine you will get up, energized, positive and ready to start your new day

For the best results, set a recurring alarm and/or put a sticky note somewhere to remind you to do this routine. For example, set an alarm for 5pm, or put a sticky note where you drop off your car keys.

Give it a try

This routine has saved me many days when I was headed for downward spiral of procrastination. It's one of my best secrets for high productivity and achievement.

Please test it yourself and share your results in the comments.

ps, if you're looking for an audiobook, one of my favorites is The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy. You can also learn more about the importance of audiobooks here.

Mike Kabbani

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