More updates!

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great weekend. I know what you're thinking, an April's fools post... but I've just been too busy for that. Just wanted to bring you up to speed on the latest updates.

  • Posts categories, so you can sort through all the different posts. I still need to categorize everything.
  • Tags! Similar but a post can have multiple tags vs 1 category.
  • Props! Basically +1, just hover over the dorment flame.
  • Visual representation of the weight tracker. This is still a bit rough but basically I wrote an algorithm that takes your starting weight and shows you visually how its changing. The progress is tracked in your profile.
  • Random updates and improvements, a lot of backend stuff to make everything run smoother/better.
  • A lot of people have been having a hard time coming up with nicknames so I extended the aforementioned algorithm to also generate a nickname; they are astoundingly accurate.

What's next?

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