How to Eliminate 5pm Exhaustion

How to eliminate work exhaustion

Here's a scenario that plays out in many people's lives with devastating effects.

  • We come home from work feeling tired and stressed
  • This leads us to eat and drink too much, and spend too much time on the computer
  • We go to bed late, wake up feeling groggy - downhill cycle continues
  • At the end of the day, we are even more stressed, overweight and dissatisfied
Wouldn't it be better to
  • Feel energized and happy after work
  • Enjoy eating healthy food and not crave bad food
  • Get recharged and feel great about yourself

There is a way.

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How to Succeed at Anything

The Winning Edge in Life

"You're in the bottom 5%" said my guidance counselor.

At first, my 17 year old mind didn't understand. Did she mean top 5%? Was the bottom 5% somehow good because so few people belonged in it? My mind was working hard trying to put this statement in a good light.

"You have a 1.6 GPA, which means 95% of students are doing better than you" she explained.

Ah okay, so it is a bad thing.

My failures didn't end with high school. I struggled immensely to be successful at anything. I was fat, helpless, and my life was out of control.

So how is it that now, 9 years later I'm in the driver's seat, enjoying a great life in the top 3% of my field? Did I improve by 2000% in 9 years? Am I 20 times smarter than before?

Absolutely not! What gives?

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How to Make Healthy Rice and Noodle Bowls + Recipe

Healthy Rice Bowl Recipe

I love rice bowls. There's something mysterious that happens when you pile delicious and healthy ingredients on top of rice. Rice bowls are easy to make, portable, budget friendly and great for your health. Noodle bowls are okay too!

So let's learn then how to make healthy and delicious rice and noodle bowls.

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Lazy and Lean: Method and Tricks

The Joffrey Diet, Rapid weight loss

Losing body fat and getting lean is a struggle for most people, especially in the area of controlling their diet.

Eating correctly to lose body fat is hard for two reasons:
  • Tasty food is not always healthy and healthy food is not always tasty
  • Healthy recipes often call for making things from scratch - which takes a lot of time and effort for most people

In today's guide, we're going to introduce a method for managing your meals that is easy, tasty and healthy. It's a food preparation method called Upcycling.

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Secret of fat loss and success

I know a secret about you.

You desire things. The things that you want. Health, looks, possessions, relationships, status. You crave them and spend your days in their pursuit.

You despise things. The things that you don't want. Sickness, obesity, poverty, destitution, loneliness, rejection. You hate them and spend your days in their avoidance.

Wouldn't it be nice to become more effective at gaining pleasure and avoiding pain? What if you could have success and happiness fill your life and push your problems away?

This just might be the recipe you're looking for.

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Trick your brain into giving you Abs: the story of the Evil Shrimp

Brain trick to losing fat

Yesterday I was asked if deep fried shrimp fits a healthy diet. After looking up the nutrition facts of fried shrimp, I found that it has 1000% more calories than baked shrimp.

This means that if you deep fried 100 calories of shrimp you would add 900 calories to it - or the equivalent of a quarter pound of body fat. Wow.

I followed by explaining why this 1000% difference is relevant and how to apply it to become lean and lose fat. If you want to learn how to trick your brain into giving you Abs, with no willpower, then please keep reading.

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Hydration — How to use water to lose fat, be fit and happy

importance hydration

Water is the essential nutrient for physical and mental performance and overall health. While you aren't dying of dehydration, are you drinking enough water to get 100% of the benefit?

Are you willing to drink more water if it meant it improved your health by 20%? 10%? 1%?

Let's dive in and see how drinking water can change your life.

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