The Guide to Instant Habit Change & Unlocking Greatness

  • Are you achieving your goals?
  • Are you getting what you want?
  • Do you start strong, and fizzle out?

If you aren't reaching your potential then you might be a victim of your habits. Luckily, habit change has been exhaustively studied and the methods to success discovered.

Keep reading to learn how to make habits work for you, and how to turn failure habits into success ones. All it takes is small changes before you start seeing amazing results.

How habits are like a rubber band

Did you ever pull back on a rubber band just enough so it snaps and flies into the back of your poor friend’s head? It turns out a very similar mechanism can explain your success or failure at changing habits.

Pull hard on a rubber band, force it to stretch, and it will resist and eventually snap back. This is exactly what’s happening when you try to follow a crash diet, implement an extreme running program or cold turkey your take-out habit.

These rubber bands are our old habits. If we try and make too many changes, too quickly then we quickly snap back to our old self. Feeling discouraged and frustrated.

How to reach the next level

A rubber band will always snap back if yanked in a hasty and reckless manner. On the other hand, if you tug gently and deliberately, just enough to cause a slight stretch and then... the rubber band will stretch. It will break through to the new level.

Making a gradual, conscientious and consistent change is the key to turning failure habits into success ones. Reaching a little further day by day, you'll become flexible and able to withstand any stress or pressure without snapping back.

  • You will be able to exercise for hours, if you so choose.
  • You will be able to eat an amazing and healthy diet with ease.
  • You will overcome any challenge or habit no matter how stubborn.
  • You will succeed.

Do what smart people do

The amazing thing about being consistent is that starting small leads to massive results. Don't push too hard. Most people fail not because they aren't pushing hard enough, but because they push too hard and do so infrequently.

Push consistently and you'll reach greatness.

Use this formula to change any habit

This formula I've discovered from years of training clients and experimenting with myself. It's extremely effective if you follow it closely.

  • 1 - Identify your primary goal. What do you crave the most? What do you want most dearly? Write it down.
    Example:“I want to lose 30lbs of fat”

  • 2 -Write down the most practical thing you can do to reach your goal.
    Example: “Do a daily 30 minute workout.”

  • 3- Choose a clear time and place for this action.
    Example: everyday, right after breakfast, at the gym.

You'll use these answers to power the Success Generator below.

Success Habit Generator

Decide upon your goal. Then pick one regular action that will contribute most to that goal.

Some good examples include
  • Goal: Get more fit.
    Action: Jog for 30 minutes
  • Goal: Be more relaxed.
    Action: Stretch 20 minutes
  • Goal: Learn something new.
    Action: Read for 60 minutes

Plug your action and desired time into the generator and then schedule these 10 sessions. I recommend using google calendar to set a repeating action with a reminder. Follow the plan and be amazed at how effortless success can be.

Make your Plan

Your goal

Your action


Generate Plan

Session #

What's your worst habit and what do you plan to do to change it? Comment below.

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