I ate chocolate cake for lunch everyday and this happened

  • I'm half way through chocolate cake, whipped cream and tea.
  • A few hours ago I had chocolate for a snack!
  • And I realized how crazy this is...

This might seem like a cheat meal or a 'bad diet day'.

No one is perfect, right?

But no...

I eat like this everyday

In fact, this has been my morning snack and lunch everyday for a year now.


Trick your brain into giving you Abs: the story of the Evil Shrimp

Brain trick to losing fat

Yesterday I was asked if deep fried shrimp fits a healthy diet. After looking up the nutrition facts of fried shrimp, I found that it has 1000% more calories than baked shrimp.

This means that if you deep fried 100 calories of shrimp you would add 900 calories to it - or the equivalent of a quarter pound of body fat. Wow.

I followed by...

How do I get 6 pack Abs? Like this!

Abs are glorious, the ultimate sign of being in shape and without a doubt the most sought after look. Unfortunately, the chances of you getting them are as high as getting hit by lightning.

how to lose fat and get 6 pack abs
One of our latest client success. His friends are convinced he took steroids.

Unless… you actually start doing these 4 simple things that will get you...

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