Muesli Recipe: How to make oatmeal taste amazing

Breakfast as most know it is a sorry affair. Most of the time, you spend your breakfast time snoozing in bed, hoping to make up for skipping last night's sleep routine.

On days you do eat breakfast, it's sugary cereal or the whole-wheat, whole-grain, high-fibre, cholesterol-reducing, slightly less sugary one. Dump that in a bowl...

The Quick and Easy Guide to Making the Perfect Omelette

perfect omelette recipe

People often cringe when they think about making an omelette for breakfast, probably followed by flashbacks of Gordon Ramsey shouting “Its raw, you donkey”. It takes too much time, effort and the end result is a goey mess.

A good omelette is supposed to be crisp with a beautiful crust and firm yet fluffy consistency. You...

3 Healthy and Delicious Protein Desserts that get you Abs

One of the hardest parts of dieting is giving up the rich and sugary foods you've always liked. You ever wonder why? What makes dessert especially bad?

protein mousse and other healthy protein desserts
Try this delicious chocolate mousse.

Turns out nothing! You just have to balance the protein, carbs, fat and stick to nutritious ingredients, and you can turn your favorite dessert into a...

A Strangely Effective Morning Ritual: the art of feeling awesome in the morning

They say first impressions are everything, and what could be more important than your first impression everyday? Each day starts a new journey, how can you expect success without the proper preparation?

Morning routine and ritual to wake up feeling more energetic
Your first step in this strange ritual

If you are like most people, you are wasting hours everyday due to lack of structure and planning....

Fries: how to upgrade your favorite side for better nutrition, taste and results

Potatoes are one of the most vilified foods these days, with schools banning them from lunch menus and “healthy” people everywhere demonizing them as the dreaded “white food.”

healthy fries recipe for muscle gain and fat loss
What our diet food looks like.

This is complete nonsense. Potatoes are one of the greatest foods and can easily be a staple in your healthy diet.

  1. Contrary to...

Protein Pancake Remix: Peachy Vanilla

Yesterday we decided to make the delicious protein pancake recipe but we wanted to add a little twist. What we ended with was a fluffier, less carby and even more delicious pancake.

Delicious vanilla protein pancakes

Quick Rundown

This is going to be a quick recipe, for the full step by step rundown check out the original chocolate protein pancake recipe.



Best Chocolate Protein Pancakes

You love desserts but hate being fat - I get that. But who said you have to choose?

Best Protein Pancake for muscle gain and fat loss

One of my old vices is pancakes, the fluffy and delicious kind. Unfortunately with regular pancakes you are getting some kind of industrial mix of bleached white flour and bleached white sugar - no thanks. So we've come up with an awesome recipe that is...

Top 5 most successful foods that got us results!

Eating healthy is hard. You're bombarded by ads all the time to eat the latest fudgeMcbacon-ator, then your friends and co-workers try to cram it down your throat, and worst of all you're not even sure what the healthy alternatives are.

Foods for more energy, muscle gain, fat loss and feeling great

If only SwolePT did a quick write up on their top 5 foods that have worked amazingly. Well, ahm......

Hearty Omelette, surprisingly low calorie (Sub 500 calorie)!

Delicious eggs

Hate eggs? You probably never cooked them right. In today’s recipe we have eggs, sausage, cheese and a ton of veggies. Start making omelettes like Gordon Ramsay.

Ingredients & Calories

Awesome eggs

  • 3 Eggs
  • Lean Cooked Sausage
  • 20g Sharp Cheese (Cheddar)
  • Vegetables
    You can really use any vegetables you would like, we just grab whatever is sitting in...

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