In short, I am very unhappy because the modest investment I made with Mike and Jen pales in comparison to the sums I've been forced to spend rebuilding my wardrobe and filing restraining orders against my new stalkers.

Here is the top-line: If you execute the plan Mike gives you and stick to the diet that Jen builds, you will just get results.

So, I am obviously really fucking happy with my outcomes, which have surpassed any reasonable expectations I had when starting out.

A bit of background on me as a baseline: I am over 40, was reasonably active when I was younger, then started living the typical American career-obsessed life (I still do, actually). Then, in August 2012 I made the decision to change as many of my bad habits as possible, and live the back-half of my years as intentionally and actively as possible. My goals were/are fitness, longevity and looking good in and out of my clothes.

Getting huge is not on my agenda. So, on to my time with SwolePT.

I have never succeeded with personal trainers. I just do not enjoy having somebody standing over me while I work out. Swole’s remote set-up is perfect for me because (1) it provides structure so you can have confidence you aren’t wasting time in the gym; (2) is personalized so you know you are working against your own goals; and (3) marries exercise and nutrition. Does the first week suck? Holy shit yes. I was sore, hungry and probably a bit more pissed off with people than I normally am. But, once I completed the second week I was more-or-less on autopilot. After two months, the compliments starting rolling in and it became impossible to stop. My weekly conversations with Mike were focused and productive; we identified problems and made adjustments quickly so I never really lost momentum. Most workouts take me just under an hour to complete. In my case, I added cardio to every workout, building from the point where I struggling to run a mile to doing 30-60 minutes of continual cardio, depending on the day. So, on average I’m spending 90 minutes five-six days a week exercising.

A few side notes/tips
  • Spend as long as you need at the beginning of your program getting organized. Get your food/protein power/exercise logs set up for ease of use so you don’t have to think about any of that.
  • One of my rules: Short of being on an airplane, don’t ever let something come between you and your workout. No excuse is good enough and you’ll regret it.
  • There will come a point in your journey where all of this will flip from unpleasant work into an honestly enjoyable part of your life. You will feel better; your expectations/beliefs about what you can achieve will change for the better; and you’ll never want to go back.
  • If you are anything like me, your palate will change and you’ll find that your food preferences have changed, permanently.

To summarize: This shit works if you want it to. You will spend more on your wardrobe than you will on the program.


4 months ago I weighed 290 lbs. and I was tired of it. Waking up each morning was a struggle. I had zero energy to face the day head on. This was because I didn’t let myself get proper sleep. My mood was in the pits. This was mostly because I loathed myself and the way I looked.

Getting through each day was getting harder as I could feel myself burdened by my own weight. My knees were especially complaining. I realized I wasn't getting any younger and if I stayed on that path, I would be facing serious health issues later on down the line. I tried diets and exercise before but I was never able to stay on target and also I didn't know what I was doing. I just tried whatever gimmick diet was available.

I saw the ads on for SwolePT for years and I kept telling myself “I should give that a try.” There comes a time in everyone’s life where they realize that in order to move forward and become a better person, they are going to have to make a change.

Mike takes all the guesswork out of diet and exercise and is also an invaluable source of support. When you have someone who checks on you, you feel that much more inclined to try your best, at least that's the way I work.

I did everything he told me to with no compromises and I was able to lose 92 lbs. in 5 months. I stopped getting a few hours of sleep at night and started a regular sleep pattern and I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the trials of the day. Seriously, I have a real “go getter” attitude in the morning now! I can look in the mirror and see definition in my muscles where there was once just a shapeless mass. It’s great!

Looking in the mirror and thinking “I did this” is a wonderful feeling. As silly as it sounds, a little flexing in the mirror does wonders for the attitude. I can now run 2 miles per day, non stop. This is part of my regular routine now. This would have been impossible beforehand! Not to mention the confidence boost! Going out with friends is nothing now. I used to turn them down because of body image issues. Also, when you look like you take care of yourself, people are much more open to you.

No gimmicks, just good old fashioned exercise and proper eating. You get what you put into the program and if you give it your all (and then some!) you'll achieve great results! I feel better now than I've ever felt in the last 10 years, no exaggerating! Do it, do it now!


By January I had lost a bit of weight and thought I had figured things out - except I had two problems. I was getting weaker and I was still flabby. Do you know how frustrating it is to lose a lot of weight, get your BMI in the normal range, and still be flabby? I needed something to get me over that bump. Like any goon that has been around a year or two, I've grown accustomed to the SwolePT banners. On a frustrated whim I decided to check the thread out and was blown away by the transformations. I was convinced. I wanted to be one of those transformations.

This is what Mike helped me do.

I'm stronger, fitter, and faster than I've ever been in my entire life. I stripped off a ton of fat and got stronger in the process - I can do pull-ups now! My run volume tripled.

And I have more energy than before. I sleep better. My clothes fit better. I eat better. I feel better.

One aspect that doesn't get mentioned often are the recipes - many of the recipes Mike and Jen shared with me are now regular staples in my kitchen. They are easy, delicious, and healthy. This is a comprehensive program that covers more than just an exercise plan. Mike will help you fix your sleep, your form, your diet, and your energy. A 5k used to leave me drained. After adjusting my diet and sleep based on Mike & Jen's help, a 5k is just my warmup. Even now, a month after wrapping up, Mike is still keeping in touch.

I so strongly recommend this service. If you are truly interested in molding your body, this is a fantastic service for it.


Wanted to post here again now that its been about, what, nearly 2 years out?

I cant stress anymore how much SwolePT helped change my life and confidence. Mike gave some really expert advice and guidance through the early stages of getting my fitness and diet in check, instead of stumbling through conflicting opinions and guides that are everywhere on the internet.

I only had one package with SwolePT, but it gave me enough knowledge about fitness, nutrition, goalsetting, and my own body to take it from there once my time expired. I'm now on nutritional and fitness routines I've tweaked for my benefit, but it would have taken me forever to get to it without the program.

I've got a topless bartending gig in two weeks and I can't wait.

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